Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lazy Hair Loss

Here's how I thought losing my hair would go (Think "The Godfather" - horse head in the bed):

Instead, my hair keeps leaving me cryptic notes on my pillow each morning:

Like a lazy roommate attempting to give thirty day's notice. Slacker.


  1. Yeah it's pretty anti-climatic, huh? They probably have clippers there if you want to go all Spears on them. My husband started losing his hair and had fun with it. He clipped it short and then took duct tape and would remove patches in different areas so it would look "way more cool."

  2. I love seeing all of you post Wen they are hilarious. I love the godfather reference too. :P. I hope that the treatments are working according to plan. Love you and we are constantly thinking about u. The 4 J's.

    Ps. I will remember PICC I. :'(