Friday, January 6, 2012

Rest in Peace PICC I

One of the first procedures I had done before starting my treatment was to get a PICC line inserted into my vein. It's a tube that goes into you vein and into your chest. This protects your veins from the damaging chemo juices that they pump into you. Some people have chest ports, but mine's in my arm and I love it. Here's a diagram:

It is awesome. I get all my IV meds and all my labs drawn from those two little nodes. It makes life SO much easier. 

Unfortunately, blood clots can form and the PICC line needs to get out. My PICC line got a clot and had to be removed. I got a new one and everything is just peachy, but let's take a moment to remember PICC I, my trusty companion that lasted me through my first four weeks of chemo.

I like to think my PICC line can now enjoy the lighter things in life, like saving kitties from trees:

Or curling up around a nice steak:

Rest in Peace PICC I. You will be missed, but never forgotten.


  1. I know not all hospitals and nurses do this, but a great way to prevent clots from forming is to make sure both lumens are flushed with heparin every day. Even if it isnt used that day, flush it with heparin. If you re hooked up to a continuous drip of something, i.e. fluids, have it disconnected for a moment and flush it with the hep. It'll help prevent the clots.

  2. Yeah the nurses here clear the lines multiple times a day. Clots just happen sometime. Thanks for the feedback! :)