Friday, September 13, 2013


As I said in this post I'm a chimera now - I think. It's all pretty complicated. As far as my doctor says I'm 96-98% my sister. So, 4-2% of me is still me. Here's what I do know about being a chimera:

My blood type has changed.
I used to be AB, a universal recipient.

Now I'm A, the nerdiest blood type.

I am genetically my sister.
My blood, my spit, my skin cells are genetically and chromosomally identical to my sister - so I can frame her for murder if she ever pisses me off!

I am allergic to my cat.
I've never had any allergies in my life. But my sister has allergies, so now I do as well!

But that won't keep me from kitty snuggles! 

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