Friday, September 6, 2013

Twenty-Five... Again!

It's my birthday today! Uh, my original birthday that is. I can't believe that I'm 27 already. I don't feel like it. I know everyone says that on their birthdays, but I really don't feel 27. I just can't wrap my head around it. My life froze when I was diagnosed with cancer, and when I thawed just a few months ago, I found that I was not 25 anymore, but 27! Sometime during the months of chemo and then a full year recovering from the transplant, I had aged almost two years. On paper at least.

Cancer made being 25 pretty crappy, so I decided call a Mulligan and get a do-over. I'm not 27 today. I'm 25 again!

Maybe next year I'll be 25 again!


  1. Happy Be-lated '25th'! This year will bring you some of the best life has to offer!